Vanderbuilt Football Player Arrested for Robbing Member of Ice Hockey Club of $5000

First off: Vanderbilt sophomore safety Andre Simmons stands accused of felony counts of robbery and burglary. But that’s not the interesting part of the story.

No, the interesting part of the story is about the guy he allegedly robbed, Zachary Abelman, a sophomore forward on the Commodore’s club ice hockey team. You see, Simmons didn’t just try to grab Abelman’s iPod or his laptop. No, the back-up football player stand accused of trying to nab $5000 that Abelman had in a safe in his room.

First off: what college kid has a safe in his room? (Okay, maybe some keep their weed in there, but seriously.) And on top of that, what kid living in a dorm has $5000 in cash in on him? Something smells funny here, but right now Simmons is the only one in trouble after he and a friend allegedly burst into the room with guns, grabbed the cash and then pistol whipped Abelman. Not sure what the plan was at that point, but Simmons buddy took off and left him behind, apparently in an attempt to keep Abelman and friends from chasing him. Instead, when Simmons finally bolted, the mob chased him and eventually cornered him in a parking garage where cops arrested him.

And yes, Simmons is now off the team and unlikely to be asked to join the club hockey team.

Source – ESPN