Add “Power Gobbling” to List of Hazing Stunts That Will Get You Arrested – Great Falls High School

mug shotYou have to give it to kids today: while they love the classics (see yesterday’s Penis in the Pizza Box story) but they also get creative and come up with new ways to haze their teammates. Today we’ll introduce you to “Power Gobbling.”

Power Gobbling involves–of course–two people: the “offender” and the “victim” usually while both are changing in the locker room. According to Great Falls, viagra usa drugstore Montana police, generic viagra tadalafil the offender in this case, for sale Alex Mauricio Botina-Roehm, 18, a senior offensive lineman approaches his victim from behind, and places his fist AND ARM under the butt and groin of the victim. At that point, the offender elevates the victim off of the ground with support from the offender’s free hand, which is wrapped around the front of the victim. So, kind of a manual “wedgie” if you will. No underwear needed!

As fun and painful as that sounds, that’s really not what got Mr. Botina-Roehm in trouble. No, he decided to do an “Enhanced Power Gobbler” and allegedly–in the middle of the move–also inserted his thumb into the victim’s rectum.

Now, you don’t have just charging of hazing, you also have felony sexual intercourse without consent and two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault.

Source – Great Falls Tribune