The Old “Penis in the Pizza Box” Gag – Trinity High School Hazing

Pizza guyAh, cialis buy sale there’s nothing like the classics, clinic are there? Tried and true jokes, sales gags, and pranks that leave your friends and/or teammates laughing every time. Or calling to the police. But either way, it was totally worth it, right?

Today’s classic prank comes to us from Trinity High School (PA) where we are just now hearing about an incident from a football camp last summer. Let’s set the stage for you: it’s late on a hot summer night in the dorms of Lebanon Valley College where THS holds its annual football camp. A group of upperclassmen gather younger players around for a game of football trivia. The grand prize? A slice of pizza, of course.

So the game begins, younger players start answering questions and eventually a winner is crowned. Hurrah! It’s like winning Jeopardy, isn’t it?  He goes to reach for his prize in a box conveniently sitting on the lap of one of the upperclassmen and when the lid gets flipped up, he’s greeted not by a slice of pepperoni but by the guy’s penis, exposed through a hole in the bottom. To add to the festivities, two other upperclassmen start dancing around naked in a manner police only describe as “lewdly.” Let’s see Alex Trebek top that!

Probably disappointed at the lack of fast food, several of the new team members decided to report the incident to their parents when they got home, who then contacted police. Three players now face open lewdness charges, but will be charged as juveniles. Other reports claim that some members of the team were expelled from school as a result of this incident.

Ironically, a couple of those guys are now probably delivering pizzas for a living, taunted every day by the very boxes that got them there.

Source: AZ Central