East Carolina Football Streaker Gets Full Exposure in Student Newspaper

East Carolina streaker - student newspaper controversyAt BadJocks, cialis canada cure we love streakers! They’re the unexpected spice in the otherwise bland sports stew. And, over the years, we’ve shown our share of pictures and videos of streakers, but never to the point where anything, uh, “important” is showing.

Apparently the kids at the East Carolina student newspaper (we think it’s called The Daily Regret) which decided it was best to show not one, but three pictures of a male streaker from the EC v. Southern Miss game last weekend. In each one, John Sieglinger of Raleigh (who has been charged with misdemeanor trespassing and indecent exposure) gets to show off his package. Why get so graphic? According to editor Caitlin Hale the paper felt that because the primary audience is made up of students, they should have access to the “unedited and factual photos” of the streaker. Hale went on to say that she thought that while while the images may be seen as offensive to some, “the photos were not meant to be seen as sexually suggestive or insulting, but instead an accurate account of Saturday’s events.”

Yes. Because there’s no way you could get a sense of what it was like to see a grown man streaking without seeing his junk. Our journalistic hats are off you to you East Carolina!

Source – KSN