Clover High School on Broom Handle Incident: No Hazing Here, Nothing to See, Move Along

How many times have we seen this? An incident occurs in the locker room, cialis prostate all initial indications are that it’s some kind of sports hazing (in this case, store threatening to sodomize someone with a broom handle) the school responds strongly (at first) and then they investigate and it turns out to be . . . nothing. Okay, not “nothing,” but according to the local prosecutor boys “acting like 17-year-old boys.”

Ah, the old “Boys Will Be Boys” –or BWBB–excuse. Classic!  It’s either that or the actions fall under some nebulous definition of “horseplay.” At Clover High School (SC), they are now using BOTH of those excuses for recent incidents involving the football team. In the end what it usually means is that the school does not want to admit that it has a hazing problem. Oh, yes, it hazes once and a while with friends at a party or to wind down at the end of a long season, but it’s not like it’s a haze-aholic or something. Besides, who wants to be labeled as the school with the hazing problem? Better to be in denial about it, right?

In this case, the actions of the Clover High administration goes in opposition to what they now claim happened: 13 players were immediately suspended, the season nearly came to an end because of lack of players and three seniors will finish out their final year of primary education at an “alternative high school.”  And yet, according to the so-called adults involved nothing out of the ordinary happened in the football locker room this fall that warrants any additional action (aka hazing “rehab”) by the school. Just boys being boys, horseplay and, possibly, shenanigans of some sort.

Yeah, right.

A lawyer for several of the victims in this case says he doesn’t believe all this garbage either and something makes us think this isn’t over. Either the school grossly over-reacted and they own the alleged “attackers” an apology (and allowed back in class) or they need to pursue some legal action for the “victims.” Right now it seems that everyone but the adults in charge are being punished.