HS #Cheerleading Coach Accused of Giving Teens Booze, While They Watched Her Kids! – Lori DiMassimo

If you’re a teacher or coach, decease what could be worse that giving underage high school kids booze? Giving them booze WHILE they’re babysitting your own children. Which is what Lori DiMassimo, 26, former cheerleading coach at Montoursville Area High School (PA) stands accused of today. And that is wrong (and stupid) on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin. But here are the basics:

According to police, sometime last month, DiMassimo had five teens at her home and she reportedly went out and bought $40 worth of Smirnoff beverages for them consume. The same teens who were there to watch her children.  Somehow word go out, cops investigated and DiMassimo faces charges of corrupting minors and furnishing them alcohol. Yeah, and she was fired from her job as well.

Link below includes video from WNEP with comments from local townsfolk who seem somewhat divided on the issue.

Source: WNEP