DeadSpin: Former #ESPN VP Filed Pre-Emptive Lawsuit Denying He Masturbated In Front Of #ErinAndrews

The DeadSpin/ESPN love fest continues. This time the story revolves around a guy named Keith Clinkscales, ESPN’s former senior vice president for content, development, and enterprise, who left the company earlier this year to become an independent producer. It’s a rather long and complicated drama (as most of these “insider creeps at ESPN” stories are) but because it involves an alleged incident on an airplane with the lovely Erin Andrews, it’s slightly more interesting.

Here’s our favorite paragraph from the story (Connie is the name DeadSpin assigned to the ESPN insider who fed them the story and who is being sued by Clinkscales):

Earlier this year, Clinkscales traveled to Los Angeles with Erin Andrews for a work-related event. Andrews sat in the middle, while Clinkscales was on the aisle. It was in either first or business class. What happened next was related by Andrews herself to both Connie, her husband, and ESPN anchor Sage Steele. At some point during the trip, Andrews saw Clinkscales masturbating in his seat, beneath his iPad. When he realized he had been caught, Andrews told Connie, Clinkscales panicked and muttered, “You know, I’m one of your bosses.” Andrews, still scarred from the very public peephole stalking incident, was angry but conflicted, Connie tells me. She shared the incident with a handful of people at the network, but refused Connie’s suggestion that she go to HR. “Do it anonymously then,” Connie advised. Erin declined. She just wanted it to go away.