Woman, 48, “Acting Crazy” on Golf Course Tasered by Cops

You know, usually our BadJocks “Tasered by Cops” stories feature rather large, young male athletes (typically football or basketball players) who have had a little too much to drink. And the generally smaller–and smarter–officers responding to an incident do the smart thing and just zap their asses into submission. But not this time.

No, this time the crazed athlete was a middle-aged Ohio mother of two who was hugging and kissing other players on the golf course. Because of her erratic behavior, officers were called to talk to her, but instead of offering kisses, she told them bluntly, “(Screw) you. I am going to play through and no one will stop me,” while attempting a difficult shot out of a bunker.

When cops insisted she put the club down, she then acted in what they described as a threatening manner and even offered to “wrap a club around the neck” of an officer if not allowed to finish her round. Not a good move for a golfer, even if you’re Tiger Woods.

At that point, officers had heard enough and used a Taser to subdue and apprehend the wayward golfer, 48.  No word on how many strokes under (or over par) she was a the time.

Source: Dublin News