Gym Teacher Leaves Bomb Threat Note at School So She Can Get Day Off – Jennifer Gomes

Jennifer Gomes Mug ShotFirst off: yes, teachers jobs can be stressful, malady even gym teachers. And no, we wouldn’t want to trade places with any of them. But in this case, even you might agree that Jennifer Gomes, 42, went a little too far to get a day off work. Gomez worked as a gym teacher at an Escuela de Guadalupe Elementary School (Denver) a total of one day a week. One freaking day.

And yet, that was too much for her, so to get the day off a couple of weeks ago, she left a note at the school saying “There is a bomb inside.” Of course, the school took it seriously and closed down for the day, but also investigated, leading right to Gomes.

We’re not sure why Gomes was even allowed to work with kids: back in 2009 she pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor child abuse involving negligence without injury while working as a day care provider.