HS Coach Who Reported “Wipe My Ass” #Hazing Incident Claims He Was Unjustly Fired – Patrick Cornelius

Nearly empty roll of toilet paperPatrick Cornelius is (was) the assistant football coach at Milford High School (MA) until just over a week ago when school officials claim he overreacted to some locker room “roughhousing” according to School Superintendent Robert “See No Evil” Tremblay. Cornelius admits to yelling profanity, cialis usa generic throwing a a book of plays to the ground and knocking over a couple of trash barrels, cialis sales here but insists he did not touch or harm any of the players. What set Cornelius off?

Sounds to us (and hey, nurse we’ve only been covering bad jocks for eleven years, so what do we know?) like hazing.  Locker room “roughhousing” involves snapping towels, noogies, hard slaps to the back so you leave a hand print, and other assorted shenanigans (yes, we used the S word.) What’s NOT roughhousing? Making a freshman football player follow you into a bathroom stall and wipe your behind after you defecate.

Yes folks, that’s what “team bonding” has evolved into in the United States.  So, when Coach Cornelius walked into the locker room and found a line of freshman players outside a bathroom stall with a senior inside taking a dump, he kinda got a little upset. Would you have reacted any other way in a similar situation? Following his little rant, Cornelius follow MHSAA guidelines and reported the incident to head coach Tom Cullen, as well as the Milford athletic director and principal.

In this situation, rather than applaud his actions, the district instead found him at fault and fired him. No hazing at our school, move along.

So we applaud coach Cornelius and hope he is hired soon by another school in the area, one that can tell the difference between roughhousing and hazing. As for School Superintendent Tremblay: get a clue.

Source: News Telegram