Cheerleading Coach Accused of Running Prostitution Ring Out of Her Day Spa – Terry Mussari

She’s kind of like a super hero with a secret identity, viagra usa physician isn’t she? In the evenings and on weekends, cure Terry Mussari, 45, coaches on the ā€œCā€ level cheering squad, (girls 10- and 11-year-old) for Stoughton Youth Athletic Club(MA) and during the day she runs a spa. Well, it’s actually more than just a spa, if you believe the police reports.

According to cops, Ms. Mussari also offered an undercover cops a little bonus if he hired 12 of her masseuses for a “private party.” For a mere $1720, the ladies would also provide party guests with sexual favors. A police report also suggests that the ladies who work for Mussari also provided sexual services at her spas in exchange for “tips.” Oh, and something about selling drugs, but that doesn’t seem to be the main thrust–so to speak–of the investigation.

League officials claim to be embarrassed by the claims and would have suspended Mussari if she hadn’t already resigned.