Canuck Hockey Hazing: Players Forced to Drag Plastic Crates Across Rooms by String Attached to Scrotum

Who thinks of these things? Really? The best way you can think to tell new players “Welcome to the team!” is to allegedly force them to, tadalafil sale first: do a striptease dance judged by older players, generic viagra seek and then, purchase second: walk naked around the locker room with plastic water-bottle crates tied by string to their genitals and dragging on the floor. To make the task even more difficult, according to reports by one 15-year-old victim’s father, the older players threw wet towels into the crates to make them heavier as the challenge was in progress.

First off, that can’t be good for you package. And second . . . who thinks of these things? Apparently players on the Neepawa Natives junior hockey team that is part of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League.  The league claims it is still investigating, but so far four players have left the team (three have actually been suspended) and two coaches (one has been suspended).