Former HS Gym Teacher/Trainer Convicted of Sex With Five Male Students – Stacy Schuler

BADJOCKS UPDATE: Stacy Schuler, best viagra viagra 33, for sale was found guilty yesterday of having sex with at least five students from Mason High School (Ohio). At least some of her victims were members of the MHS football team. Schuler was convicted despite a rather unique insanity defense from her attorney who argued among other things that, in fact, the students took advantage of her.

Here’s the interesting part: Schuler and her attorney (along with a psychologist who will likely be laughed at during his next professional conference) claimed that some minor pre-existing medical and physical ailments combined with her vegan diet and use of alcohol and an antidepressant resulted in some kind of “perfect storm” that reportedly impaired her ability to tell right from wrong. That being, of course, that it’s wrong to get drunk with five underage boys and have sex with them.

As a result of the conviction, Schuler faces four years in prison.

Source: MSNBC