HS #Football Players Face Criminal Charges for Finger in Anus, Punch to Groin “Initiation”

The high school sports hazing season is winding down, best cialis buy but not before two more high school football players decide to “initiate” new members to the team on a bus ride home from a game. (According to our research, online school buses have now surpassed locker rooms as the favorite hazing spot for high school jocks.) And now, viagra they are not only off the team, but face criminal charges.

This latest incident takes place at Glacier High School (Montana) where Logan Robert Jones, 15, and Charles Victor Calobeer, also 15, face misdemeanor assault charges for a sexually violent hazing incident back in September. According to police reports, victims were grabbed from the front of the bus (while the chaperone coach slept) dragged to the back and had a finger inserted into their anus over their clothing. Some victims also say they were then punched in the testicles.

Nothing says “Welcome to the Team!” like having your genitals abused, does it?