Video: “Fake Referee” Streaker at UCLA/Arizona Game Could Get Jail Time – Jace Lankow

By now, generic viagra troche now, most of you have seen the video of University of Arizona student Jace “Was That Wrong?” Lankow running onto the field during the UCLA/Arizona game last Friday night dressed as a referee, then stripping off his clothes and streaking the Tuscon crowd. Lankow is now telling cops he did it to pad his resume to get on the TV show Wipeout, but failed to factor in that he might not be able to participate on the show once he’s charged with the class six felony for criminal impersonation. (Of a referee, not a man, we assume.)

If convicted Lankow will get plenty of chances to be chased around the prison yard naked by burly men as the crime carries a prison sentence of a year and a half. Probably what those evil produces are Wipeout were hoping would happen.

Watch the video below.