Cops Say WI High School Girls B-Ball Coach Bribed Girl, 15, For Sex Using . . . #AaronRogers Jersey?

Usually the predatory men in these situations buy their young conquests smart phones, clothes, jewelry or fancy underwear . . . but not in Wisconsin. No, in the badger state, the apparent currency for sex is a replica of the football jersey worn by Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This story is also strange in that the accused claims to accidentally dropped his cell phone into a boiler after…

September 16, 2011

Video: UCF Student Arrested After Brawl in Stands w. Cops During Boston College Game: “Don’t Push Me Bro!”

Andrew Galbo
September 15, 2011

Remember “Don’t tase me, bro?”  Now we have “Don’t push me, bro!” after a University of Central Florida student (who had reportedly been drinking) decided that police officers attempting to escort him from the stadium really DIDN’T have any authority over him. Bad move. The officers, of course, did think it WAS their duty to removed someone misbehaving from the stadium and a struggle ensued.  Keep in mind, the young…


Video: FOX NFL “Dancing Robot” Involved in Sex Scandal?

Wow! And you thought the NFL players were a rowdy bunch! Just get a hold of Cletus, the dancing robot you see before and after breaks while watching National Football League games on FOX. Sex, drugs, strip clubs, hookers, robot-on-toaster crime, and . . . an illegitimate child? When is FOX Sports going to fire this guy and hire someone more “family friendly?”

September 14, 2011

High School #Cheerleaders Told Skirts Are Too Short, Must Cover Up at School – Piedmont Hills High School

San Jose Piedmont Hight School cheerleaders in short skirts
September 14, 2011

It’s that time of year again folks! Like clockwork, we can almost predict the stories this time of year: usually mid-to-late August we have a rash of drunken college football player arrests (just back to an empty campus and bored); early September brings accusations of hazing by high school football teams (fingers, broom handles, pine cones); and then that’s usually followed by a story about how a principal somewhere is…


#Gator Linebacker Arrested After “Scooter Rage” Incident – #Florida, Dee Finley

Not a whole lot to tell about this story, other than Gator’s back-up linebacker Dee Finley needs to take Driver’s Training over again. First, he gets his license suspended, so he reduced to riding a scooter around campus. Not so bad, right? Unless, of course, the cops put up barricades and you decide to drive around them, like the rules of the road don’t apply to you. At that point,…

September 13, 2011

As Many as 24 #FresnoState Football Players Implicated in #Welfare Fraud Case

Well, I guess that shows you the difference between Fresno and Miami. In Miami, the football players at The U received cash and hookers. In Fresno they allegedly got free food stamps. Yeah, that sounds about right.  On the plus side, because so many players are involved that will launch Fresno State into the top ten of our Disgusting Dozen college football rankings.

September 12, 2011

#Soccer Streaker Banned for Three Years for Deed That Won Him Bet

English soccer fan/streaker Darren “It Was Cold” Walker won a $160 bet with his drunken mates in August when he ran naked onto the field during a Accrington Stanley vs Port Vale game, managed to dodge a few players and then did push-ups in front of cheering fans. He also earned a three-year ban from ALL soccer games in that country. Wait, what’s his punishment then? Click here if you…

September 9, 2011