Fake #VinceYoung Cons Woman Out of $2500 in “Hula Hoops for Fat Kids” Scam

fake vince young mug shot
Not Vince Young, doctor but probably a better quarterback

Former #Texas quarterback Vince Young has not had the pro career that many hoped for, but at least he’s not a con man. (Well, other than taking money from pro football teams to play the quarterback position, but that’s another story.) Nope, the guy in this con game is actually Stephan Antwain Pittman who sorta looks like young and has the same basic body build: 6’5″ tall, 230 lbs.  Mr. Pittman also allegedly has a penchant for telling people in the Washington, DC area that he’s the Eagle’s back-up quarterback an has even gone as far as to ask them for money for a fake children’s charity that bought hula hoops for neighborhood kids. One woman actually gave fake Vince Young $2500 before calling police.