Couple Fined for Sex on #Cricket Pitch, Victims Who Witnessed it Earn $25

Andy Newman and his girlfriend Kerri Cooper would not be the first drunken couple to attempt to have sex on the grass of an athletic field. They are probably also no the first to do it in broad daylight. But when you choice of venues is a cricket pitch in the United Kingdom surrounded by homes, generic cialis order you should expect that the local rent-a-cops will show up and ask you to stop.

Which is what happened in Crawley, West Sussex (UK) only Newman and Cooper allegedly laughed at the request and kept at it while two “wardens” stood by and helplessly watched. Eventually the wardens called police,  and the sex-starved couple were arrested for their amorousness actions and ended up in court where they were ordered to pay the wardens about $25 because they were considered “victims” in this case.

How ugly was this couple, anyway?

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