Female #Football Booster Arrested for Sex w. Member of Team, 16 – Cherish Arroyo

Cheris Arroyo mug shot pictureEveryone in Glendale, cialis generic click Arizona thought Cherish Arroyo was doing a good thing volunteering as the football booster club treasurer at Copper Canyon High School.

As it turns out, viagra she was–allegedly–actually getting some kind of compensation for her efforts, view but not the monetary kind. Police say Arroyo is accused having sex at least three times with a member of the high school football team. The boy reportedly told his parents that he had both oral sex and sexual intercourse with Arroyo on at least three separate occasions, starting when he was 16. For her part, Arroyo admitted the relationship to officers, but had a really good excuse: she was “lonesome.”

To really top things off, Arroyo also has two children who attend Copper Canyon, including one who’s on the football team. That’s gotta make practices a little more awkward, knowing one of your teammates is doing your mom.

Oddly, none of the stories we read about this incident mentions whether she’s a good treasurer or not. (For more stories like this one, you can also check out The Dumbass Daily: News From the Shallow End of the Gene Pool.)