50,000 Women & Children Watch Turkish #Soccer Game Free After Men Punished for Violence

Wait. The MEN where punished? What about the unfortunate 50, 000 women and children forced to watch a borin 1-1 tie between ???Fenerbahce and Manisaspor?

Sure, the guys have been getting a little bit out-of-hand this lately while watching the games but who could blame them? After all, it is Turkey (one of the most boring countries in the entire world after Ontario) and they’re watching the most boring game in the world: soccer. Violence could almost be expected . . . even encouraged . . . under these inhumane conditions. But no, the local officials decided to ban all men from attending the games. The old punishment was that players played in front of empty stands . . . but not anymore. Instead, they shove 50,000 women and children into the stands.

Where is the UN Council on Human Rights when you need them?