Divorced Hockey Mom Accused of Liquoring Up Son’s Friends, Having Sex With Them – Katia Maria Davis

Katia Davus mug shot - accused of sex with son's hockey teammatesWhat is it lately with the youth sports mothers and the friends of their teenaged sons? Last week we had the soccer mom accused of boozing up her son’s teammates and showing them a porn video. This week we have Katia Maria Davis, viagra usa buy cialis 44, a California soccer mom accused of giving booze to players on her son’s hockey team and having sex with at least two of them.

Police are now all over this story after one of the victims came forward with his story and Davis now faces charges of suspicion of having sex with a minor under 16 and committing lewd acts with a minor younger than 14.

At right, Katia Davis’ mug shot. The real question: who should play her in the TV-movie about this whole affair?