Video: UCF Student Arrested After Brawl in Stands w. Cops During Boston College Game: “Don’t Push Me Bro!”

Andrew GalboRemember “Don’t tase me, bro?”  Now we have “Don’t push me, bro!” after a University of Central Florida student (who had reportedly been drinking) decided that police officers attempting to escort him from the stadium really DIDN’T have any authority over him.

Bad move.

The officers, of course, did think it WAS their duty to removed someone misbehaving from the stadium and a struggle ensued.  Keep in mind, the young man arrested in this case, Andrew Galbo, stands 6’4″ and weighs about 210 lbs. Not massive by football player standards, but on the large side–especially if he’d been drinking–by football fan standards.  Not 100% sure what the stadium event staff saw to ask officers to remove Galbo, but whatever it was, was minor compared to brawling with the cops. According to police, Galbo grabbed and tackled an officer and spit in his face before being subdued. Once outside the stadium Galbo allegedly continued to refuse to cooperate, reportedly kneeing an officer three times before being subdued again.

At right, Galbo’s mug shot which shows that he was a little worse for wear after his engagement with officers. Below, a YouTube video that shows some of the action.