High School #Cheerleaders Told Skirts Are Too Short, Must Cover Up at School – Piedmont Hills High School

San Jose Piedmont Hight School cheerleaders in short skirts

It’s that time of year again folks! Like clockwork, buy cialis cialis we can almost predict the stories this time of year: usually mid-to-late August we have a rash of drunken college football player arrests (just back to an empty campus and bored); early September brings accusations of hazing by high school football teams (fingers, see broom handles, pine cones); and then that’s usually followed by a story about how a principal somewhere is cracking down on high school cheerleaders wearing their uniforms to school on football game days.

The most recent example comes to us from San Jose’s Piedmont Hills High School, where principal Traci “Spit That Gum Out” Williams has decided this year to enforce the school’s dress code after years of allowing this practice (common in most American high schools). The reason? The girls uniforms are now even skimpier than ever and don’t meet the standard of reaching the girl’s “mid thigh” as required for skirts or shorts wore to school. (And no, we’re told, the school is NOT looking for volunteers for the job of measuring skirt lengths, thank you.) Williams did give them the option to wear sweat pants, leggings, or something underneath the skirts, or not to wear them at all.

Wait, that didn’t come out right. We didn’t mean to imply they’d be running around in their underwear and get that mental picture out of your head right away young man! What we meant was the girls could wear nothing INSTEAD of the skirts with something under them. Okay, now THAT came out weird again as well.

Let’s just leave it at that and if you want to read the story on this classroom controversy, visit the the SFGate.com.