#Gator Linebacker Arrested After “Scooter Rage” Incident – #Florida, Dee Finley

Not a whole lot to tell about this story, other than Gator’s back-up linebacker Dee Finley needs to take Driver’s Training over again. First, he gets his license suspended, so he reduced to riding a scooter around campus. Not so bad, right? Unless, of course, the cops put up barricades and you decide to drive around them, like the rules of the road don’t apply to you. At that point, if a cops stops you, grabs you by the wrist and threatens to arrest you, best to comply BEFORE he has to pull out the Taser. Haven’t you seen any of the videos we’ve posted of people getting Tasered, Dee? It never ends well.

Finley now faces a third-degree felony for resisting arrest. At most schools, that would end your career. At Florida, it might just get him a starting spot . . . once he’s out of jail.