Victim Tells Court: “I Had #Sex With Female Gym Teacher 300 Times

. . . and I’m still really, generic viagra shop really sore.”

Just kidding. (Not about the “having sex 300 times” part. That was part of his court testimony and even in Canada, help they take that crap seriously. We were kidding about the “sore” part. We think.)

Gym Teacher Tania PontbriandThe victim in this case, a Canadian man now 25, claims that ten years ago when he was 15 and a student at Rosemere High School (somewhere in the Great White North) he had a rather adult relationship with his former gym teacher Tania Pontbriand, now 40.  She’s on trial for having an inappropriate relationship with the student. The boy claims it all started on a camping trip and turned into pretty regular sex with the married teacher for nearly two years. Despite all that “activity” Pontbriand faces only one count of sexual assault and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after being charged more than three years ago.

While Pontbriand’s attorney claims the entire affair was made up by the boy, he reportedly gave very vivid testimony about the relationship and also claims the former teacher “showered him with gifts, including a dog tag engraved with the date of their first sexual encounter.” The prosecution also claims to have the boy’s sleeping bag which contains, uh, some DNA evidence from the teacher.

The trial continues.