Ten Cops Need to Break Up Brawl Involving Young #Cheerleader, “Mouthy” Coach

Not a lot of details, buy cialis doctor but a pretty funny local news report about another youth football brawl in Florida. This time in St. Petersburg where it was the ladies who got into it. Last time a player tackled a referee.

According to police, generic viagra see five females–including one adult–were arrested following the game at JC Turner Field between the Silver Raiders and a team from Carrollwood. Those arrested included a mother, her daughter who was the cheerleading coach (seen in the video below with a baby on her hip) another daughter who is actually a cheerleader on the squad, and two other girls. According to this “coach”, the cause of the incident was the fact that the other young ladies ” . . . didn’t like my mouth.”

We assume she means the words coming out of it and not the shape or physical characteristics, but who knows with today’s yewts.

In the end, it took ten police officers–whose crime prevention skills weren’t really needed elsewhere–to bring the girl-brawl under control. (ABC Action News)