Obscene Comments to HS #Cheerleaders Leads to Brawl, Stabbings

We’re not sure what Isaiah Robinson, cialis usa prescription 21, viagra usa said to the girls on the Fowler High School (Syracuse, NY) cheerleading squad, but it was nasty enough to start a brawl with some other guys watching their practice. Now, it’s not surprising that Robinson got beat up a little bit. What IS surprising is that another man involved in the brawl, Emanuel Harper, 26, saw this as a perfect opportunity to to get all stabby with three other people, using what police described as a “red-handled kitchen knife.”

No one was seriously injured as a result of the stabbings, but Fowler HS has decided it will no longer hold the annual “Red-Handled Kitchen Knife Giveaway Night” a their football games in the future, just to be safe. Sad, really.