GoodJocks: Two College Lady #Wrestlers Tackle Hit & Run Driver

A very unusual story for us. Not only because these jocks did some thing Good, health instead of something Bad, but also because it involves female wrestlers on a college team! We think their story deserves a little more attention:

Two Oklahoma City University wrestlers are being hailed as heroes after tackling a man who had fled the scene of an accident.  But what makes this story unusual is that the wrestlers are girls, not boys.  19 year old Breiana Delgado and her sister, 21 year old Brittany Delgado, both wrestle for the women’s wrestling team at OCU.

They had a chance to put their moves to the test Saturday afternoon when a man smashed into their car.  They were riding with their grandmother, Elizabeth Bell. It happened while they were driving north on Pennsylvania near N.W. 26th.  The force of the crash sent their car straight into a stop sign, knocking down the pole.  “We were all checking on nana to make sure she’s ok.  And as soon as we got her situated, nana’s like, hey he’s running away, he’s running away!” said Brittany.

Breiana started chasing the man, overtook him and tackled him to the ground, using a wrestling move called the double chicken wing.  Brittany was not far behind.  She helped Breiana stand the man up, while holding his hands behind his back, and leading him back to the car, as if they had arrested him. They held him there until police arrived.  “He kind of had this bewildered look on his face as we were taking him back to his car telling him hey that wasn’t cool, you shouldn’t have done that,” said Brittany. “They didn’t realize they were two champion wrestlers,” said Bell.