School Creates “Spirit Squad” After HS #Cheerleaders Claim They’re Too Busy to Come to Games

There was a time when high school cheerleaders had one job, cialis sales doctor and one job only: stand at the sidelines during football and basketball games and cheer. Then competitive cheerleading came along and the girls (and sometimes guys) had to spend more time on their “routines” for competition.

Now, clinic apparently, at some schools preparing for those competitive cheerleading events has gotten so time-consuming that the squads can’t–or won’t–be around for the actual games. At Cardinal O’Hara High School (PA) they came up with a unique solution: replace the girls at the games with a “spirit squad” whose actual job is to be on the sidelines for the games.

Not surprisingly, this has not gone over well with some of the members of the cheerleading squad or their parents.