#Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Not Concerned Star Players Arrested Driving 118 MPH While Smoking Weed

“We smoked it all!” Just the kind of thing a college football coach doesn’t want to hear after his starting QB is pulled over driving 118 mph in a rental car. Unless, of course, you’re Oregon head coach Chip “Look the Other Way” Kelly.

Okay, so the cops never could prove who was high and who wasn’t in that 2011 Nissan Altama, but passenger Darron Thomas, the Ducks starting quarterback, told cops who pulled him over that “we smoked it all” when asked by the Oregon State Patrol officer, “whose got the marijuana in the car?” That same officer then asked to take a closer look at driver Cliff Harris’ PAC 10 Championship ring. Aw, the officer is star struck by a piece of metal around someone’s finger.  The same officer who then let Harris go even though he was clocked at 118 mph and driving without a driver’s license of any kind, in a rental car that was paid for by a female OU employee, he claimed was his “girlfriend.” (Nothing odd about that either, Chip?)

Our friend Brooks at SportsByBrooks has the story and a nicely edited video that shows the whole thing.