Columnist: Stop Televising the Little League World Series!

I agree with LA Times columnist Bill Plaschkle: whoever thought it was a good idea to televise every game of the Little League World Series knows nothing about children.

And while we’re at it: what other sport are we mesmerized about who the best 12-year-olds in the world are? Answer: none. (Other than those illegal Chinese gymnasts, and even then, they were supposed to be 16.).

Here’s a little from Bill’s column:

I have just spent four squeamish hours watching children cry, children pout, children squirm, children crumble, children vainly attempt to hold themselves together in a situation that is not meant for children.

I have just seen a child miserably fail, then weep at that failure while his relatives scream in unvarnished disappointment.

I have just seen a child brilliantly succeed, but under such a spotlight that he also weeps, then attempts to pull his shirt over his face to hide the tears.

I have just seen an adult verbally insult the abilities of a child, and a child gesture and glare to insult an adult.

You know what I want to see now? I want to see whoever decided to put Little League baseball on television be placed in a permanent timeout.