HS Coach to Middle School Girl – “I Wish I Was the Shorts That You are Wearing!”

Coach Ben Crumley - mug shotBenjamin W. Crumley, buy viagra physician 33, viagra sales who used to coach girls sports at Rogers Middle School (Texas) stands accused of having sex with three different young ladies from the school over the past six or seven years. According to police, here two girls (now in high school) came forward to report the abuse by their former coach and also name a third victim.

Usually these types of cases don’t have a lot of details, but this one is the exception. Police say that Crumley would buy the girl breakfast and then had sexual encounters with her in a variety of places such as his classroom, the locker room, the gym and his house. Another part of the report claims that the coach was friends with one victims mother and that when the two came over to his house the accused would attempt “. . . sexual acts (with the girl) while her mother was distracted.”

And to top things off, one of the girls reportedly told police that Crumley sent her a text message during a track meet that said, “I wish I was the shorts that you are wearing.”Classy!