#Wisconsin-Milwaukee Point Guard Kaylon Williams Arrested for DUI, Blows .228% BAC

So close, and yet so far for Kaylon Williams: his blood alcohol concentration was just under the level that would have landed him in the Top Twenty of the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings.  A BAC of .228% probably puts him in the Top Five for DUIs in 2011 (and it’s nearly three times the legal limit) but short of the .241% needed these days to make the big board.  Williams problem? He allegedly ran after cops pulled his car over. This meant a longer time between his consumption of alcohol and the breathalyzer (unless he was drinking while being chased by the cops which would be tough with a K-9 unit on your tail) and also put additional strain on his body, possibly expelling more of the booze out of his blood stream.

Williams can now only dream of what might have been.