Man Living Near #Golf Course, Robs Undercover Cops, Leads Them to His #Marijuana Stash

Last week, we had a story about a guy who lived next to a golf course and complained constantly to the city about the obnoxious, potty-mouthed, drunken golfers who were constantly urinating in his yard. This week, the exact opposite: a guy who had lemons and made lemonade . . . or in this case, some cash on the side. Allegedly Joe Albert Wolfe, 39, who lived next to Alondra Park Golf Course, was making it a habit of stealing golf bags and clubs from players and then just walking back to his house on the course. This time though, some undercover cops spotted the theft, following him back to his place and not only recovered the stolen items, they also found five pounds of marijuana, a 9 mm handgun with the serial numbers removed, digital scales and more than $2,000 in cash. Good work there, Lou.