#Frankrupt.com: The Website That’s All About the Dodger Owner Bankruptcy

Got this email from the guys at Frankrupt.com, the website that is selling apparel for Dodger fans who hate what’s happening to their team:

It’s been less than a month since the launch of FRANKRUPT, apparel for the fed-up Dodger fan. Since our inception, we’ve experienced over 14,000 hits to www.frankrupt.com, enjoyed a very successful run of online shirt sales, been tweeted by celebrities such as Drew Carey, and obtained press coverage from media outlets such as the LA Times, KFI am 640, The Dan Patrick Show, NBC, ABC 7 TV, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Sports and ESPN… not to mention countless blog write ups.

If you have a website like FrankRupt.com and want it to be see by more people, you need to use a web submitter which automatically sends your site information to hundreds of online directories at the same time.

These directories can’t do everything for you, but they are a good site, especially for a new domain or someone who has trouble getting backlinks to their site from other sites.  Usually these web submitters are free (or available for a minimal charge) and can save you hundreds of hours of work.

Please note though: just getting your site on a number of directories will not automatically drive traffic to your site if is poorly designed or if you are in an extremely competitive key word search area. It also takes time: you can’t expect to get a lot of traffic tomorrow when you submit your site to these directories. The best thing to do is create your solid site, let it mature a few months and then submit it to directories, especially Google.com.  If you’re sit is not listed on Google you don’t exist.

Trust me on this one.