Latest #LittleLeague Scandal: Players from #Ugandan Team Had Fake Birth Certificates

It was the feel good story of the annual Little League World Series Tournament: a rag-tag bunch of kids from dirt poor Uganda made it into the final round of 16 after beating those snooty rich kids from Saudi Arabia.  Unfortunately, viagra canada viagra they were denied visas to come to the USA to play after there were “discrepancies” in their birth documents, cialis sale most notably that they were…

July 31, 2011

Colorado #Cheerleading Coach Puts HS Girls, Boys in Same Hotel Room

Okay, buy viagra try so the hotel ran out of rooms because there was a big cheerleading camp in town, but it would seem like you could come up with a better solution than putting teen-aged boys and girls in the same room. Somehow, we’re pretty sure the boys didn’t complain about the arrangement. Unfortunately, once the kids got home and told their parents what happened, a few concerned adults…

July 31, 2011

Man Finds #Golf Clubs in Dumpster, Uses Highway as Driving Range

It all make sense when you think about it: You find a nice bag of golf clubs and balls in a dumpster and you want to try them out, generic cialis see but you don’t have money to go to the driving range (you are dumpster-diving after all). So what’s the next best way to test out your new set of sticks? Start hitting balls over trucks on the highway,…

July 28, 2011

Man Living Near #Golf Course, Robs Undercover Cops, Leads Them to His #Marijuana Stash

Last week, tadalafil rx we had a story about a guy who lived next to a golf course and complained constantly to the city about the obnoxious, sildenafil ambulance potty-mouthed, drunken golfers who were constantly urinating in his yard. This week, the exact opposite: a guy who had lemons and made lemonade . . . or in this case, some cash on the side. Allegedly Joe Albert Wolfe, 39, who…

July 27, 2011

#Referee in #Rugby Championship Match Assaulted by Team After Controversial Call

Most of you were probably watching this Samoan Rugby Championship Game between Nu’uuli and Avele (it’s like the Super Bowl of Samoan rugby) when this incident broke out, viagra usa pills but for the few that didn’t here’s what happened: the guys on Nu’uuli didn’t like a call the referee made, he tried to explain it to them, and they allegedly beat the crap out of him for it. We…

July 26, 2011
Read More >> The Website That’s All About the Dodger Owner Bankruptcy

Got this email from the guys at, cialis site the website that is selling apparel for Dodger fans who hate what’s happening to their team: It’s been less than a month since the launch of FRANKRUPT, generic viagra check apparel for the fed-up Dodger fan. Since our inception, we’ve experienced over 14,000 hits to, enjoyed a very successful run of online shirt sales, been tweeted by celebrities such as…

July 25, 2011

#Streaker Disrupts . . . Ice Show? #SunValley

No doubt there were claims of shrinkage, cialis sovaldi due to the cold temperatures. Still, patient what genius decides it’s a good idea to streak across an ice arena? An unexpected participant took to the ice during Saturday’s evening performance, ask wearing only flip-flops and a grin. “It made everyone’s jaws drop,” said Ice Show Director Scott Irvine. Some kids were heard asking if the streaker was part of the…

July 22, 2011

Man Buys Home Near #Golf Course, Surprised That Golfers Get #Drunk, Swear, #Urinate in His Yard

Mark Hacket apparently has not seen the movie “Caddyshack” or does not remember seeing it before he bought his him next to Lago Vista Golf Course. Otherwise, viagra sales online he probably would NOT have bought a home next to the course because he seems surprised that golfers get drunk, swear, and then relieve themselves in his backyard when they can’t make it to the clubhouse bathroom. Think he’s got…

July 21, 2011

Media Idiots Jump on LA Newscaster Who Broke Story of #Laker’s #AndrewBynum Parking in Two Handicapped Spots

Is this the worst thing an NBA player has ever done? Hell, viagra buy advice it’s not even the worst thing that an LA Laker has ever done! But still, viagra canada viagra in this day and age, illness it IS worth reporting when a highly paid professional athlete parks in a handicapper spot or two. But then to jump on the reporter? Why? According to someone at Larry Brown…

July 20, 2011