#Golfers Groped, Flashed, Nearly Smothered by “Promotional Models” & Their #Breasts During Corporate Tournament – #Australia

These ladies were hired by some publication called Darwin Life to entertain golfers on the 7th hole during a corporate tournament in Australia, and apparently the scantilly clad ladies when above and beyond the call of duty. Complaints from players about their behavior include being “”groped on the knackers” and “had (their) faces pushed on to the girls’ breasts”.  The girls may also have flashed a few lucky fellows.

Additionally, the ladies were a little bit “salty” in their language and behavior.  According to one source:

“When guys went to tee off the girls stood behind them and humped them. One girl threaded a frangipani through her nipple ring and said ‘take this’. I was extremely uncomfortable.  But it didn’t end there. A third source said:

“I went to get a beer from the esky and one of the girls jumped into the esky, bent over in my face, passed the beer through her legs and said ‘I’ve got a wedgie … Oh I gave that to myself’.

But to be fair, this isn’t the kind of thing you usually expect on the golf course.