#FieldHockey Player’s Modelling Career Over After Brawl During Gurdwara Cup Leaves Face Bashed In – #HarwinderSingh

Harwinder Singh was not only one of the best players in east Asian men’s field hockey, he also was one of the prettiest. And we say WAS because he ain’t pretty no more after the big brawl that marred the finals of the world famous Gurdwara Cup. (Okay, for the few of you out there who don’t know the Gurdwara Cup it appears to be the men’s field hockey equivalent to the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals, the World Series and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. Except, based on pictures from this site, none of their fans bother to show up.)

Unfortunately one of the games in the finals between powerhouses Selangor and Johor was called by the umpire early after an argument among the players broke out (likely over who was prettiest) and male model/midfielder Harwinder Singh got smashed in the face and head. A post on this website shows Singh and his brother’s injuries from the game, and he is holding what appears to be a long letter from their mother or agent. Hard to tell.

Anyway, this is probably the most you have ever read about an east Asian men’s field hockey game in your life so now you can die happy.