HS Soccer Coach Accused of Pulling Out His “Whopper” at #BurgerKing, Holding the Pickle

This is one of the stranger HS Coach Sex Scandal stories we’ve ever covered.

Basically, viagra canada view Joseph Kovaleski, cialis usa 61, has been the girls soccer coach at Lakeland High School (PA) for years and, apparently, has also been going into the local Burger King on Sunday mornings for breakfast for years as well. This last Sunday though, employees called the cops after they say that Kovaleski sat down across from the counter and pulled out his genitals to play with them. For his part, the coach says that this is all just a big misunderstanding and that “. . . Burger King isn’t a public place and that his genitals get itchy and he sometimes has to scratch them.”¬† Well, that makes perfect sense to us.

Kovaleski was named The Times-Tribune Girls Soccer Coach of the Year in 2010.

BONUS: Being a big incident in a small town, the comments following the story at the Times-Tribune are priceless, including:

Maybe it started off just “accidentally” popping out and he secretly enjoyed it, but soon that was boring and it escalated to scratching and now acts worth being arrested for.

Do I believe that, no. I just watch too much TV.¬†Based on his answers, he sounds like he should go for a psych eval. Maybe he has early onset Alzheimer or something like it and he doesn’t realize what he is doing. Isn’t something like that what happened to Sen Mellow a few years back?