Time for a Change

As some of you have no doubt already noticed, viagra healing this site is changing. Less clutter, shop less advertising and hopefully more content. It just feels like we need to make a change, capsule move in a new direction and try something different. After 11 years (which is close to 100 in Web Years) it’s probably past time. We are taking a step forward at the same time we…

May 18, 2011

5 Students Expelled, 8 More Suspended for Locker Room Hazing Incident

It’s unclear how many were athletes, buy cialis ailment but one someone is held down and anther person rubs their buttocks and genitals in the victim’s face, discount cialis ailment you can be assured the school will take action. The carnage in this case: five boys expelled (those who participated), prescription eight more suspended (for watching and not stopping it) and one senior who will receive his diploma, but not…

May 17, 2011