Report: #NFL #Cheerleaders Make Make About $7 an Hour, Have Expenses Like a Pop Star

While the NFL owners and players battle over billions, the typical professional football team cheerleader apparently makes about $75 per game for an entire day’s work and incurs thousands of dollar in expenses to stay in shape and look her best. Unless, of course, she can hook up with a player or an owner and then it was all worth it, right?

May 25, 2011

Meanwhile, Over at . . .

Many of my long time readers will remember when I posted funny (occasionally) Top Five Lists to this site. My favorite? Top Five Things That Will Get You Kicked Out of the Masters.” (Remind me to post that again sometime.) Well, it’s time I started doing that again so I created a new site called I’m just getting started with the lists again (and you’ll quickly see that I’m…

May 24, 2011