Time for a Change

As some of you have no doubt already noticed, this site is changing. Less clutter, less advertising and hopefully more content. It just feels like we need to make a change, capsule move in a new direction and try something different. After 11 years (which is close to 100 in Web Years) it’s probably past time.

We are taking a step forward at the same time we take a look backward. In reviewing some of  our archives from the past ten years over the past few weeks, I was struck by the simplicity and the directness of what BadJocks.com used to be. Funny (sometimes cruel) headlines with just a link to a story. LOTS of stories each day, sometimes with only a line or two of context. We want to get back to that.

At the same time, we want to embrace our new followers on Twitter and Facebook and so some of the changes will be a nod in that direction as well. One thing you will like notice are hash tags (#) in front of key words in the title. This is for our Twitter followers. Hopefully it won’t be too f#cking distracting for everyone else.

These changes will come gradually as we work our way through the process. While we’re working though, we would appreciate your feedback on the site: what you like, what you don’t like, what you used to like and is gone now, and what you would like to see us do in the future. Please drop us an email at BadJocks at Yahoo.com.

As always, thanks for stopping by. We hope we put a smile on your face today. – Bob Reno, Publisher, BadJocks.com