HS Softball Player Stripped Naked by Seniors on Bus Trip – Hazing?

Hazings Category LogoAll those long bus rides home from away sporting events. Where would BadJocks be without those outings?

Take for example this latest incident from Kellogg High School (WA) where a junior member of the girl’s softball team was asleep on the back of the bus, sildenafil viagra not bothering anyone. At some point, discount viagra prescription according to school officials, three upperclass girls on the squad decided it would be funny to strip the sleeping girl completely naked.  Not sure how long this lasted, but it was serious enough that all three of the attackers were kicked off the team, received in-school punishments and–wait for it–weren’t allowed to go to prom!

But the fun doesn’t end there. According to some newer reports, police are now looking into pressing assault, battery, and for some reason, kidnapping (?) charges against the three as well.

BONUS: Go to the KXLY website below and start reading some of the comments beneath the story. You can quickly see how a hazing story like this can quickly divide a small town. Comments range from “The media has the story all wrong” to “These three girls have been bitches for their entire time in high school and they finally got what they deserved.”

Source: KXLY