Student Athletes in Trouble Over FaceBook Photos … Again (video included)


11 high school student athletes are in the hot seat after evidence of their drinking & smoking shenanigans showed up on, what else? FaceBook.   School officials are laying the smack down on the naughty jocks & some are calling it a witch hunt against student-athletes & that the punishments are unjust.  Unfortunately, the same thing happened back in September but no disciplinary action was taken – spare the rod, spoil the child!  So this time around, Melrose High School is bringing down the hammer to prevent a 3rd embarrassing news story; they have even brought the police in to make sure that everyone knows that they mean business.

Remember, kids:  “I don’t think they realize the internet lasts forever.  Once it’s on there, its on there for good,” says wise man Jonathan Gais, whose relation to the story is not clear based upon the video but was worthy enough to be interviewed.

Fox 25 News has the details:

The following actions have or will be taken:
• Each student and parent or guardian will meet with a member of the high school administration, the Athletic Director and the School Resource Officer.
• Identified student athletes will be suspended from participation in athletics per Melrose policy. Students will lose up to sixty percent of their season and face other additional penalties.
• Team captains will face additional penalties including loss of their leadership positions.
• All photos have been turned over to the Melrose Police Department to identify houses where these parties took place. These houses will be identified and the Social Host Law will be strictly enforced.

Students suspended over drinking photos: