Painful Sports Video? Soccer Player Kicked in Head During Interview

Soccer player kicked to head
Soccer player gives "funny" kick to teammate's head

Not sure where this video takes places (some vague South American country, we think) but the player being interviewed must know the guy who kicks him in the head during a live interview because it’s not followed by any gun play or fan riots. (UPDATE: The incident happened after the Italian Serie A league match between Roma and Milan. Adriano Cassano is being interviewed by Rai and Zlatan Ibrahimovic taps, with his foot, Cassano in the back of his head. Both play for Milan.)

Interestingly though, the guy getting hit does not fall down to the ground grabbing his face as if he had been shot with a high powered rifle.  Maybe he just feels stronger after a long, hard soccer game and can withstand that kind of contact rather than during a game when he’s rested?

Those wacky soccer players! (The kick is hard to see until the very last slow motion replay at the end.)