Former College Golfer Arrested for Trying to Meet Up With Mother/Daughter Combo for Sex

Giwon Suh mug shotFormer University of Central Florida golfer Giwon Suh knew he should have stayed home as soon as he saw the police approach him at the spot where he was supposed to meet a mother/daughter combo for sex, repeating over and over, “Why would I do this?” and “I am stupid.”

Suh, a citizen of South Korea, got sucked into one of the newest online sex stings: cops place Craiglist ad pretending to be a mother who wants her teenaged daughter (in this case a 14-year-old) to learn about sex from a man who has experience. Suh even suspected something might be up at that point, emailing the “mom” back saying he would be available for such an important task,  “As long as you are not a police or with law enforcements haha,” Ha, ha indeed.

Suh played golf for UCF from 2004 to 2008, placed fourth at a tournament as a senior, and was named to the Conference USA commissioner’s academic honor roll. So, apparently he was smart, but also very, very lonely. He’s out on bail right now and hopefully staying away from Craigslist.

Source: Sun-Sentinel