TruTV: Rambling Lenny Dykstra Email Claims Government is Out to Get Him

TruTV logoOur friends over at have obtained a lengthy email from former baseball great Lenny Dykstra who is having more than his share of trouble lately. Not only do the Feds think he hid or destroyed millions of dollars worth of assets before he declared bankruptcy, viagra sales pilule there was also that maid who claimed he wanted to be massaged–naked–as part of her job interview. Just honest mistakes or the work of someone with a few screws loose?

Details from TruTV:

In a rambling and bizarre email sent by Len Dykstra (nicknamed Nails) early this morning and obtained by truTV, the former Mets and Phillies star star fires off numerous charges against the FBI and a “corrupt group of people masquerading as attorneys,” saying they’re trying to “execute” him. He also accuses the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department of throwing him in an “underground” jail and “assault[ing]” and “tortur[ing]” him like “some kind of animal… because they thought it was funny.”