HS Coach Sex Scandal of the Year? Wife Find Hubby in Bed With Underage Girl, Snaps Pictures and Takes Them to Cops

Middle School coach Joel Huddleston's mug shotIt’s not often anymore that we get the juicy details of High School Coach Sex Scandals. Usually, viagra buy for sale between the cops and the news outlets, most of the interesting details have been washed out and you basically have “coach had inappropriate relationship with teen” report. Bor-ring!

But not this time.

This time we have the wife of a middle school teacher/coach/youth pastor coming home–apparently unexpectedly–to find her husband asleep in their bed. With a partially naked 12-year-old girl . . . and his hand on what can only be described as “inappropriate place on the girl’s body.” (At that point would there be any place on the girl’s body where his hands would be “appropriate?” Probably not.) According to police reports, the wife came home couldn’t find her hubby and then somehow got past a locked door in the bedroom area before making your discovery.

So, what does the wife do? Throw a fit, scream and yet, maybe threaten to cut his junk off? Nope. She whips out her digital camera, takes a few pictures of the sleeping lovers (it was apparently nap time for the girl) and goes straight to the police. Ouch! Likely that means she is not going for a trial separation then.

As a result, Yearling Middle School (FLA) teacher Joel Huddleston, 28, was arrested on charges of  lewd and lascivious molestation. (You know, it could be the Justin Bieber haircut that’s getting him all the chicks. Just sayin’.)

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