Little League Treasurer Accused of Stealing $100G From League

$100, 000 gone just like that and no one noticed? And the real question is: how did they get so much money anyway?

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The New City Little League’s treasurer has been charged with stealing at least $100, 000 from the nonprofit organization, becoming the second Rockland league treasurer in less than two years to face larceny charges.

Joyce Bidnick, 58, of 11 Mark Drive, New City, was charged Tuesday with second-degree grand larceny following an investigation by the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office and two other law enforcement agencies.

Bidnick told investigators that the amount of money stolen from the league since 2003 had reached $100,000, Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said Wednesday.

“An ongoing investigation will determine the actual amount of the theft,” Zugibe said, accusing Bidnick of violating the public’s trust by stealing from children and parents of her community Little League.