Shock Video: Coach Pulls Swimmer Out of Pool by Her Hair!

Video still: Coach grabs swimmer by hair to pull her out of poolThere are some people in this world that you just do not want to piss off & we can now add volunteer high school coach Geoff Capell to that list.  Despite being in front of a huge crowd of people at a swim meet, many of whom were videotaping, Capell let anger get the better of him as he decided to pull the captain of the swim team out of the pool … by her hair. (Something about some kind of “intentional disqualification” act she did.)

The rest of the team can rest easy now as he has resigned and the DA is on the case but what about the 2 girls that upset Capell?  Well, their fate lies in the hands of the varsity coach, who just happens to be Capell’s daughter.  This probably will not end well if anger management issues runs in the Capell family.

On a side note: high school principals & officials must go to some special training or retreat that teaches them to say the most pointless and neutral things to reporters during scandalous times.  Instead of the obligatory “shocked” comments, Roosevelt High principal decided to describe the incident as a case of the “bad choices”. What would be the “good choice” in this case?  Pulling her up by the throat?

Fox 40 has the story and a video clip of the incident